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Over half a century of unforgettable TV advertising, means that John West are almost as famous for our commercials as we are for catching fish. Especially the ad about the fisherman trying to pinch the salmon from the kung-fu kicking bear. That was probably the most talked about commercial of its time and when you see it again it’s easy to see why.

We’re carrying on the tradition of great advertising in our latest TV commercials too, featuring some tall tales on the high seas starring our very own fishermen. You can also find out from these ads how to trace your can of John West fish right back to where it was caught.

1976 skippers

1976 - Skippers

It’s still the 70’s and it’s tasty little John West skippers for tea.

1976 - Tuna Steak

1976 - Tuna Steak

More from our family and their healthy obsession with John West fish.

1976 salmon

1976 - Pink Salmon

It’s the 70’s as you can tell from the hair and singalong ‘jingle’.

1972 tuna steak

1972 - Tuna Steak

At last TV goes colour and our tuna looks all the better for it.

1970 kippers

1970 - Kippers

A kitchen sink drama starring our famously tasty kippers.

1966 red salmon

1966 - Red Salmon

Our slogan ‘It’s the fish that John West reject’ first appears.

1950s senator salmon

1950’s - Senator Salmon

Our first TV ad shows how we will always be great value for money.


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Discover the story behind your can

Discover the story behind your can

Enter your can code and see exactly where your succulent wild fish came from.

Trace your can

Find out why we love fish so much

Find out why we love fish so much

Discover the many health benefits of our fish and learn about our latest innovations.

Why we love fish

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Explore Old Sam's Cabin

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