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Responsible Sourcing What Does MSC Mean?

What does MSC mean?

MSC stands for the Marine Stewardship Council. They are the world’s leading certification and ecolabelling programme for environmental sustainability of wild caught seafood. Their iconic blue logo identifies all seafood products that come from well-managed, sustainable fisheries.

To find out more about the important work the MSC do, take a moment to watch their short film.


John West’s journey with WWF

WWF uses the MSC standard as a benchmark to assess each fishery’s level of sustainability. As such we are committed to improving our MSC portfolio to ensure that more and more of the John West portfolio are sourced from Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) or are engaged in credible Fishery Improvement Projects aimed bringing them up to MSC certification. 


What’s behind the label?

Before any seafood product can carry the MSC ecolabel it must first adhere to three core principles. These include:

  1. Sustainable fish stocks.
  2. Impact in the eco-system reduced to a minimum
  3. The fishery is well managed.

Also, seafood that has an MSC label is fully traceable back to the certified fishery where it was caught.

You can learn more about each principle by watching these three short videos.

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Discover the story behind your can

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The John West story

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