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Our Partnership with WWF The Story So Far - Year One

Traceability and Legality

Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated (IUU) fishing has a significant negative impact on ecosystems, working conditions and livelihoods. Traceability from Sea to Plate is therefore critical to ensure that seafood is sourced responsibly.

In 2015, WWF commissioned a third-party to analyse the information coming from the Vessel Monitoring System of our formerly owned Group’s vessels in the Atlantic
 to demonstrate that they only fish in areas where they are allowed to fish.

Promoting Improvement

While we're working hard to improve the sustainability of our own supply chains, we want to work with the whole seafood industry to make sustainable fishing the norm. With WWF, we are committed to advocacy work to improve the management of tuna.

We have developed a corporate advocacy plan to address the current limitations of tuna management. This plan involves reaching out to key stakeholders to ensure the sustainable harvesting of tuna in our supply chains.

Transparency and Engagement

John West's mother company is a founding member of the International Seafood Sustainability Foundation (ISSF), through which we have committed to a set of science-based conservation measures to create real and continuous improvement across global tuna fisheries. The purse seiners used to catch John West tuna are listed on the ISSF ProActive Vessel Register (PVR). The PVR provides validated information regarding a vessel’s implementation of specific best practices designed to improve responsible practices in tuna fishing, which include, for example:

No shark finning and observer coverage (human or electronic) on large scale purse seine vessels

Vessels on the PVR agree to undergo regular auditing. Level 1 audits are conducted by ISSF and assess the vessel attributes and other details that are required as part of the application. Level 2 and 3 audits are conducted by MRAG Americas on a sample of PVR vessels as a means of verifying that vessels have and continue to meet the ISSF requirements. Level 2 and 3 audits are conducted independent of ISSF.

Interested parties can view a vessel’s compliance or non-compliance with each of these best practices by viewing the public PVR database. John West has disclosed the vessels that supply its tuna and their PVR audit results to WWF.

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