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Our Partnership with WWF The Story So Far - Year Three

Traceability and Legality

In 2016, four of Thai Union Europe’s (our parent company in Europe) factories were MSC Chain of Custody (CoC) certified: France, Ghana, Portugal and Seychelles. The TUE fleet in Ghana also used advanced technology to allow real-time traceability of the catch/vessel. 


Our parent company, Thai Union Europe, was among the 30+ seafood industry signatories of a letter to the Indian Ocean Tuna Commission (IOTC) convened by WWF calling for harvest control rules on skipjack tuna and a 20% cut to yellowfin tuna catches. The suggested harvest control rules for skipjack tuna were accepted and a cut of 15% has since been accepted by the IOTC for yellowfin tuna caught by purse seine vessels. 

Our ‘can tracker’ has been tested by a third party during the MSC CoC audits for Thai Union Europe’s factories.

Together with WWF, we have engaged with key stakeholders (including major UK retailers) throughout the year to update them on the aims and progress of the partnership.

Thai Union Group’s sourcing policy is publicly available on the company website http://seachangesustainability.org