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Why We Love Fish

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John West doesn’t just bring you ordinary, run of the mill fish. That would be too easy. Instead, we go out of our way, in the worst possible conditions to catch the very best quality fish the oceans and rivers of the world have to offer. And by the best, we mean thoughtfully sourced, carefully caught and hand-picked. Everything it takes to safeguard our reputation for only putting our name to the highest quality fish.

To maintain this quality, our speedy canning process then locks in all the natural goodness and preserves that unmistakable John West taste. It’s a smart but simple process that we’ve become very good at, probably because we’ve been doing it since 1857.

This all means that when you finally take that can of John West fish out of your cupboard and open it, the fish inside will smell as deliciously fresh as it did on the day it was canned. Which is more than can be said for the boots of the fisherman who caught it!

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We are very excited to announce our new partnership with Killary Gaelforce.

John West Nutrition Consultant Sarah Keogh of Eatwell

Nutrition Tips

Fish is good for you, but did you realise just how good?



No other food is as downright delicious as fish.



We know where our fish come from, so we know they’re great quality.


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We're proud to be recognised as dolphin safe

We're proud to be recognised as dolphin safe

Read our Sustainability Promise to find out more.

Sustainability promise

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De-skinned, de-boned, delicious John West red salmon

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