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The Paris Agreement on climate change is an indicator that managing climate change and its impacts is everyone’s business. Global environmental risks such as climate change, resource consumption and waste management have an increasingly negative impact on our oceans which in turn threatens marine species on which we depend. 

The key initiatives that Thai Union (our parent company) has in place to reduce our environmental footprint promote safe working practices are:

Reducing greenhouse gases

With production facilities and offices across all our major markets, we are conscious of our responsibility to limit our environmental impact as much as possible. Our GHG reduction efforts will focus on improving operational efficiency; investing in more energy efficient equipment; developing and deploying innovations in new technologies; and promoting renewable energy.

Innovations in packaging

We are developing a plan to integrate new materials and process innovations to ensure that we significantly reduce the environmental impact of producing and disposing of our packaging.

Promoting environmental awareness

We will encourage and empower our stakeholders to implement and support GHG reduction initiatives; through training and awards.

Promoting safe working practices

We have a significant programme in place to promote safe work practices. We train staff on safe operating procedures and also to actively contribute to the improvement of our workplace environments.