In addition to being superb on toast, one reason that mackerel fish remains so popular is down to its nutritional content: high in Vitamin D and Omega 3 alike. As well as selling traditional tinned mackerel in olive oil (ideal for cooking with), John West have perfected a range of sauces to go with this delicious fish, jazzing up even the humblest of snack times.

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John West Ireland


Measuring only 60cm in length and travelling in huge shoals, mackerel has to be caught via net as opposed to the traditional pole and line. John West mackerel is typically fished for around the North Atlantic. After being hauled on board and refrigerated in chilled tanks, it’s then transported to the local distribution centre, where it becomes the delicious canned mackerel that you find on your supermarket shelves.

Delicious Mackerel Recipes...

Mackerel fillets aren’t just for topping toast. Get creative with this nutritional fish using one of the recipes below.