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Traceability & Sustainability Promise

Traceability & Sustainability


At John West, we know how important it is to protect our oceans and seas – without them we wouldn’t be able to bring you our wide range of seafood products.

In order to look after the marine environment, we need to know exactly where all of our fish comes from. In fact, we know the origins of every product in our range and we are committed to sharing this detail with all our customers, starting with tuna and rolling out across our other seafood ranges over the next 18 months.

You can find out all this information by using our Can Tracker. Type in the code and we will tell you everything you need to know about where your fish comes from. Read our Sustainability Promise.

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The John West range

The John West range

There's more to us than just tuna. Why not explore our many other fish options.

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We're proud to be recognised as dolphin safe

We're proud to be recognised as dolphin safe

Read our Sustainability Promise to find out more.

Sustainability Promise

Find out why we love fish so much

Find out why we love fish so much

Discover the many health benefits of our fish and learn about our latest innovations.

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